Welcome To Vipul Bhavisha

" The pleasure of good design is found equally in the way something functions, as in how it captures the eye. "

Vipul & Bhavisha Designs specializes in bringing outstanding design to all areas of interior and space design. We work on translating client's ideas into successful projects, where aesthetics and functionality work in tandem with each other. We strive to work with clients from concept to completion to create effective solutions for both individual as well as a group with varied identities.

We give special attention to every nook & corner which otherwise is unattended, adding life to even the most dormant of spaces.

Traditional customs are blended with modern elements to create harmonious spaces, both relaxed and timeless.

We are a firm, known for our thoughtful, refined approach in expressing the client's point of view in our language of style and design, resulting in an amalgamation of dramatic, timeless & luxurious interiors & spaces.